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Vox Bobcat S66 Cherry Red w/HSC


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A high quality Korean made bobcat, harkening back to the Italian guitar roots the amplifier company has. More or less, a re-imagined take on these quirky fun guitars, now in a much more standardized format but still retaining that unique flair & sound. Finished with the nice aluminum knobs, tune-o-matic bridge, & Grover made tuners. The guitar has a semi hollow construction with specialized weight relief in the center block to still allow it to resonate. Sporting three single coil pickups, it gives many tones reminiscent of a strat but allows the option of all pickups on at once, plus individual blending for more tonal diversity. Constructed from a Maple ply body, spruce center block, Mahogany neck, & Indonesian ebony fingerboard, it is a finely made instrument.
Vox Bobcat S66 Cherry Red w/HSC