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Used Univox U-45 8-Watt Tube Combo Amplifier 1965

A vintage all tube combo from 1965 made by Univox. It was assembled using Japanese components and supposedly assembled in the USA. In essence it's similar to a Fender Vibro-Champ but still seems to be its own thing. It's loaded with a 12" Jensen C-12 which appears to be original. It's been modernized with a 3-prong chord for safety concerns. 

Inputs: Guitar, Accordion, Auxiliary  
Tubes: EL84, 12AX7 (x2), 6X4


  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Tremolo
The amplifier has been tested and functions like it should. The pots are a tad dirty and cosmetically the amp shows wear and tear. We'd consider it in "good" condition. It is a consignment piece here in the shop meaning all sales are final.