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Used Vox Super Beatle head 1960s w/matching 4x12 cabinet & Trolly

This is the 3rd iteration of the "Super Beatle" Vox head and cab that then transitioned into just being called the "Beatle". This is the version that introduced the on/off style tremolo known as "repeat purcussion". This Solid State amplifier has a very unique sound with tons of chime and plenty of bite. There is a lot of circuitry under the hood to make for a very complex amplifier. 

  • 120 Watts RMS
  • 3-channel amp: Normal, Brilliant, Bass
  • Normal Channel: Volume, Bass, Treble, Top Boost Switch
  • Brilliant Channel: Volume, Bass, Treble, Middle Boost Switch
  • Bass Channel: Volume, Tone
  • Each channel has 2 inputs
  • 3 settings MRB - Mid range boost
  • "E" Tuner circuit
  • Reverb channel selection and blend
  • Repeat Precussion (Tremolo) 
  • The cabinet is loaded with 3 Celestion Speakers, 1 non original speaker that isn't hooked up, & 2 goodmin horns
  • Includes the trolley 
The amplifier has been tested and functions like it should. The original footswitch is not included. This is a consignment piece here in the shop meaning all sales are final. The amplifier is in "good" condition. It has wear and tear on the grill cloth and tolex.