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Caroline Guitar Co. Crom Fuzz "OG Olympia Colorway" Relic Exclusive


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The Crom Fuzz from Caroline Guitar Company. Reminding us of the legendary fuzzes of old while putting it's own brutal signature of tone and suffering on the world of effects. Wielding his mighty sword, Crom cuts through any mix with a ton of mids on tap; and 2 different gain styles via the "Turbo" switch. A 50s tweed tone circuit inspired the sweep of the tone control. Inside is a trim to adjust the gate and bring out truly beautiful harsh clang. Like the God of Storms, Eternity, and Death himself, this namesake pedal is doomy, full, & profuse while dispensing enough clarity to make you believe you are a Cimmerian worshiping at the alter of the almighty CROM! We here at Relic Music are lucky enough to have the unconquerable pedal in our limited exclusive OG Olympia Colorway!
Caroline Guitar Co. Relic Exclusive Crom Fuzz OG Olympia Colorway