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Chase Bliss Automatone Preamp MKII

It takes a lot to break up a signal just right. The character is all in the details, the small decisions that add up to a circuit: Before or after, cut or bump, high or low. With Preamp MKII, we decided to just hand them over. 

You can replicate the drives of your dreams, tweak, tinker and explore, then save those settings for quick recall. Variable diode clipping, resonant, routable mids, and two types of fuzz, all wrapped around the circuitry of a Benson amplifier. However you dare to dirt, the Preamp MKII is up for it.

The DNA of a Benson amplifier preamp mashed with the wonderful brilliance of Chase Bliss Audio. It results in the Automatone MKII Preamp. A plethora of controls on tap for  open or gated dirty transistor fuzz, preamp control, & resonant parametric mids control. Decide between silicon or asymmetrical germanium clipping, 30 presets you can decide, & functional routing for how the fuzz, EQ, & preamp interact. Motorized faders will zip around as you cycle through the presets. It sounds utterly amazing & can be used in numerous ways that it begins to seem endless.