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Fuzzrocious Grey Stache

 ABOUT The GREY STACHE is based upon the GGG-tuned and Civil War versions of a muff fuzz, creating one versatile guitar AND bass-friendly monster! The tone stack features the ability to scoop mids to allow a heavy, deep sound, flatten the mids for an even-keeled sound, or boost the mids for a more modern sound that allows one to punch through in the mix and drive speakers well. It’s more than just a fuzz in that if you dial back the sustain, one can achieve more of an overdrive sound. CONTROLS VOLUME – makes the output of the circuit louder or quieter. TONE – moves from bass to treble when turned clockwise. MIDS – moves from a total cut of sound to more pronounced mids when turned clockwise. Works in conjunction w/ TONE. SUSTAIN – moves from a little to a lot of sustain/fuzz when turned clockwise. MODS DIODE MOD – via a toggle, the user can switch between three (3) diode clipping choices to find the type of clipping s/he wants (clipping is the signal distorting). We offer the choice of two (2) sets of the following diodes to accompany the “no diodes” setting (middle toggle position) - 1n914 silicon, LED, 1n4001 silicon, and germanium. OSCILLATION MOD - via a momentary or latching footswitch, one can feed the signal back upon itself for oscillation/feedback/noise. TONE BYPASS MOD - via a latching footswitch, one can bypass the tone and mids pots for a more open, less compressed sound. KILLSWITCH MOD - via a momentary footswitch, one can mute the sound passing through the pedal. Hit it rhythmically to a tempo or sporadically. Get weird with it. 2nd SUSTAIN MOD - via a latching footswitch, one can switch back and forth between two (2) sustain pots. Think of it like having two sustain presets and using a footswitch to move back and forth between the two. Please note that 2nd Sustain is not stacking. POWER Fuzzrocious Pedals’ products do not support batteries due to risk of damage to the unit and for ecological concerns related to the use and disposal of batteries. It is the customer’s responsibility to power the pedal with a 9V DC 2.1mm center negative tip adaptor that will not be provided by Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC.