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Fuzzrocious Knob Jawn

KNOB JAWN is the first pedal on the market (that we know of) that has BOTH analog and digital octaving in a single enclosure. This means that the user is able to have a monophonic, dirty analog octave up and polyphonic, cleaner digital octave up and down!

The user can solo the analog or digital octave. Via the KNOB, the user can blend between the two styles of octave, creating new octave textures previously unavailable anywhere in the effects world.

There are pots to blend your clean signal with the digital octave as well as a blend/solo pot for selecting octave down, octave up, or a blend of the two.

This is not to be considered a replacement for your current octaver. Consider it more of a weird, glitchy octave thing. The analog octave up is slightly dirty and the digital up/down is off here and there…it’s not perfect and we like it that way. Be different.