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Caroline Guitar Co. "Blue Screen of Death" Megabyte Lo-Fi Delay w/External Tap- & Havoc Knob Relic Exclusive

The "BSOD" Megabyte is our first collaboration with our friends over at Caroline Guitar Co. This exclusive Megabyte has been revoiced & modified specifically for us here at Relic Music. Both soniclaly and visually different than the original, at it's heart is the all new "Scatter Mod" which results in a gooey, syrupy, gritty & warm delay that still retains a tremendous amount of clarity; it is reminiscent of our favorite analog delays of the 80's.The other notable mods are the external tap tempo jack mounted on the side for those who would like to keep their business (tap tempo) and pleasure (havoc) separate (the right switch can and still does perform both functions for those who don't mind mixing the two) as well as an additional Havoc control that allows you to dial your havoc in JUSSSST RIGHT. As for the visuals, affixed to the top of the enclosure is a printed circuit board featuring the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death”; a gentle reminder of a bygone era of technological frustration. This pedal has completely blown us away and we know it will have the safe effect on you. And perhaps now when you see a Blue Screen of Death it will remind you of what heights your sonic curiosity can reach, and not the excuse you used for not handing in your term paper on time.