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Dirge Electronics Slowly Melting Relic Exclusive w/Expression

The Dirge Slowly Melting is a Lofi Fuzz/Delay/Chorus/Doubletracker that takes a PT2399 Delay Chip and stretches it far beyond its means, creating wild, harsh, unpredictable, and gnarly sounds.

From Lofi-tape warbles, to fuzzy double tracking, to oscillating fuzz, this pedal packs a ton of sounds into one small box.

Unlike previous iterations of the Slowly Melting, Dirge added an expression input over control the length parameter

Loud - volume, can be extremely loud.
Starve - starve the pedal of power to unlock new unique tones and responses.
Length - time control, anywhere from double-tracking to drawn out delays.
Melt - The control for the pedal feeding itself back in.
Warble - Wiggly modulation
Blend - Blend between fuzz & delay signal. 

*Each pedal is hand painted and hand engraved resulted in a unique one each time!*

Price includes shipping to anywhere in the US.